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Nov.2002 Established Myung Won Elev Co., Ltd.
May.2003 Registered as supplying partner to OTIS Elevator Korea
Jun.2003 Registered as supplying partner to OSchindler Elevator Korea
Jul.2003 Started supplying elevators to MOD projects in Korea
Feb.2006 Exported to India
Feb.2006 Acquired ISO9001
Apr.2006 Appointed as Ventured Enterprise(New Technology)
May.2006 Registered as supplying partner to Fujitec Elevator Korea
Jan.2007 Established R&D Center
Mar.2007 Acquired ISO14001
Apr.2007 Obtained INNO_BIZ Certificate
May.2007 Appointed as "Promising-Medium Sized-Enterprise"
Nov.2007 Awarded "Million Dollars-Expart-Tower"
Sep.2008 Registered as supplying partner to Hyundai Elevator
Oct.2008 Acquired PATENT for Door Locking Device of Elevator
Jun.2009 Acquired certification of anti-shocking door
Jan.2010 Acquired License of Elevator Installation
Feb.2011 Acquired License of Elevator IMaintenance Service
May.2011 Acquired certification of Fire Rated Door
Aug.2013 Acquired certificate of elevator manufacturing industry registration
Jun.2014 Changed the name of Myungwon Elevator Co., Ltd.
Dec.2015 Acquired a promise of Export Promising for medium and small-sized business